Friday, April 29, 2011

The Dunes of Indiana and Michigan

© (2011) Photographs by Vicki Polin

I needed to get lost some where in nature. On my way to the dunes I heard a weatherman on the radio stating that this was one of the gloomiest April's in history for the Chicagoland area.  Fortunately today was a bright and sunny day.

The last time I was at the Indiana dunes was with a dear friend of mine who was murdered a little over 20 years ago.  The last time I was at Warren Dunes in Michigan I believe was during the weekend of my high school senior prom.  It was amazing to go back to both of these places, the beauty surrounded me.  

I was saddened though to learn there was a forest fire on the top of the highest dune at Warren Beach, yet the skelaton's of the trees remained.

For some reason I didn't remember that there were two nuclear power plants in the area.  It really disturbed me seeing them so close to the lake front, especially after what has been happening in Japan.

There are two videos below. The first is of the Indiana Dunes, the second is Warren Dunes.

Indiana Dunes

Warren Dunes

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