Thursday, December 28, 2006

Sunset At Walmart - December 28, 2006

© (2006) Vicki Polin

Who would ever think you could find beauty in a Walmart parking lot?

The second photo is at a local pond. The picture came out a bit more pink then what I saw.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The Pond - December 26, 2006

© (2006) Vicki Polin
It started off to be a dark and dreary day to be running on errands. All of a sudden I noticed the sun coming out, breaking through the clouds in the sky.

I was not far from the pond on Park Heights Ave. near Old Court Road in Pikesville, MD. I decided to go in. This is what I saw. A far different scene then the winters of Chicago.

Assateague Island - Hanukkah, 2006

© (2006) Vicki Polin

This has been an unbelieveably warm winter. It was during the week of Hanukkah that a friend and I decided to take a ride to Assateague Island, which is located on the eastern shore of Maryland. It's about a three hour drive from Baltimore.

Assateague is a very interesting place.
The island is famous for its "Chincoteague Ponies". No one knows for sure how or when the ponies first arrived on the island, a popular legend tells of ponies that escaped a shipwrecked Spanish galleon and swam ashore.

The island is now both a state and national park. When entering the park there's signs all over requesting that you not touch the horses or other wildlife. While we were there a group of ponies came up to our car, trying to nudge his way in through the window.

Sunset - December 24, 2006

© (2006) Vicki Polin

I was running around all day. Just got home and looked up at the sky. It's the time of day that the Ravens were flying around. If you look closely you can even see the moon.

Traffic Jam - December 20, 2006

© (2006) Vicki Polin

I was caught in a traffic jam on Tufton Rd. (Baltimore County). I looked out my window and the sun was setting.

Longhorn Bulls of Maryland

© (2006) Vicki Polin

November 2006 - I was taking a ride in the rolling hills of Maryland and came across these two bulls. They were more then willing to pose for a few photos.