Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Assateague Island - Hanukkah, 2006

© (2006) Vicki Polin

This has been an unbelieveably warm winter. It was during the week of Hanukkah that a friend and I decided to take a ride to Assateague Island, which is located on the eastern shore of Maryland. It's about a three hour drive from Baltimore.

Assateague is a very interesting place.
The island is famous for its "Chincoteague Ponies". No one knows for sure how or when the ponies first arrived on the island, a popular legend tells of ponies that escaped a shipwrecked Spanish galleon and swam ashore.

The island is now both a state and national park. When entering the park there's signs all over requesting that you not touch the horses or other wildlife. While we were there a group of ponies came up to our car, trying to nudge his way in through the window.

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