Friday, September 03, 2010

Between Rogers Park and Evanston on Sheridan Rd. (Chicago, IL)

© (2010) Photographs by Vicki Polin

I It was an absolutely beautiful day and I forced myself to go out and take some pictures near Lake Michigan. I was walking on Sheridan Rd., between the borders of East Rogers Park (Chicago) and Evanston.

While I was walking I met a woman who is almost 90. For almost 50 years she was a school teacher on Chicago's west side. She was totally inspiring. The woman went on and told me that she recently lost over 120 lbs. Since the weight loss she had her knees replaced and is now walking 3 hours a day along the lakeshore. The woman shared a few of her life long dreams with me. Next year she's going to China to walk the Great Wall, and the following year she's off to Africa to meet wild elephants.

The way she talked about her plans, I know she's going to do it. I know so many people who have all sorts of dreams, yet seem to always put them on the back burner. I'm hoping you will use this 80 something year old woman's story as an inspiration. I know that what ever it is that you've always wanted to do, you will be able to accomplish if you believe in yourself.

Hope you enjoy the show

Music by Rahel Jaskow and Ray Scudero - Lullaby in C

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