Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Second Blizzard in Baltimore 2010 - Photos Taken Around Noon

© (2010) Photographs by Vicki Polin
Music: Thick as a Brick by Jethro Tull

I started taking some pictures last night.  When I woke up it was just freezing rain.  Around 11:30 it turned back to snow.  When the wind blows it turns into whiteout.  They are saying so far we have about 19 inches of snow.  Baltimore is calling this a phase 3 storm, meaning no one is allowed to drive within the city, except emergency vehicles.

The National Guard is in my neighborhood driving Hummers.  While I was out several people from Shomrim stopped to offer me a ride.  I told them I was just taking pictures.  I also mentioned I was from Chicago. They smiled and oh, your fine then.  The storm has changed since I was out and it's even too dangerous for me.  It's about 2:30 - 3:00 PM.  There are four different video's below.  Also see Part 2 of the second blizzard

Western Run

Clarks Lane and Fallstaff

Off of Clarks Lane

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