Monday, April 13, 2009

In Memory of Jamie Lynn Baylog (April 13, 1960 - Januray 6, 1992)

© (2009) Photographs by Vicki Polin

Jamie was a dear friend who lost her life at the age of 29. Today would have been her 48th birthday. I met Jamie at an extremely low point in my life. At the time we met we were both working with therapists struggling to overcome the flashbacks associated with child abuse.

Jamie was one of the few people who I need to thank for helping me to overcome so much in my life. If it wasn’t for our friendship I would never have gone back to school or gotten my degrees. Prior to becoming friends I never thought I was smart enough to be considered “college material”. Jamie taught me how to apply for grants and scholarships, and most important how to use a library to do research.

I’ll never forget when she finished her education and received both her undergraduate and masters degrees. I'll never forget the excitement she felt when she landed her first job as a social worker at a child advocacy center. It was amazing to watch her blossom and grow. My dear friend dedicated her life to helping children and adult survivors of child sexual abuse, including those who had histories of ritual abuse.

Jamie died suddenly on January 6, 1992. Those of us who knew her and the works she was doing believe she was murdered, yet there was not enough evidence for the police to conduct an investigation.

After Jamie died I remember going to her grave and telling her that the work I did would be dedicated in her memory.

The song playing in this video was Jamie's favorite and she sang it often.


Leah's Jerusalem Diary said...

I also know what its like to have a very good friend who was murdered. I had a friend Maria Kritharis in South Africa, we studied law together. We used to study for all our exams together. She played a big part in my studies. She was murdered in South Africa in 1988. She would at the age of 24 she would be 55 today.

Rose said...

May Jamie's life continue to inspire others, she was a special blessing. May God comfort her family. Rose Palminteri Ward Class of 1979 Kelvyn Park High School