Thursday, August 23, 2007

K'mo Tefillah - Photographs By Vicki Polin

© (2007) Photographs by Vicki Polin

K'mo Tefillah - Like a Dance

I've been asked by several people what was wrong with the duck in several of the photographs towards the end of this video. I was told that the ducks wings are broken and that is part of the reason it lives in this protected area.

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Anonymous said...

The song playing is "Like A Prayer" by Madonna

Here's the lyrics

Life is a mystery, everyone must stand alone
I hear you call my name
And it feels like home


When you call my name its like a little prayer
Im down on my knees, I wanna take you there
In the midnight hour I can feel your power
Just like a prayer you know Ill take you there

I hear your voice, its like an angel sighing
I have no choice, I hear your voice
Feels like flying
I close my eyes, oh God I think Im falling
Out of the sky, I close my eyes
Heaven help me


Like a child you whisper softly to me
Youre in control just like a child
Now Im dancing
Its like a dream, no end and no beginning
Youre here with me, its like a dream
Let the choir sing


Just like a prayer, your voice can take me there
Just like a muse to me, you are a mystery
Just like a dream, you are not what you seem
Just like a prayer, no choice your voice can take me there

Just like a prayer, Ill take you there
Its like a dream to me