Saturday, June 23, 2007

Thank you to a friend - by Vicki Polin

© (2007) photographs by Vicki Polin

A friend of mine translated the words to this song for me. She told me it's
a very old very popular Yiddish song called "A small Succah."
A Jew sits in a small succah and cries for his child who has gone to war...He cries out to his father in heaven..."Father, It's enough already!"


Anonymous said...

Peaceful alone drifting far away from the mean and abusive Rabbi who sexually abused me after a sexual assult.

I was alone and lost I trusted you. I belived you. Then I was forced to be at your demand. I was forced to do as you said.

Still all these years later you do not let me be alone.You stay in my life and hang on to me. You promised to never, never free me.

I want you to free me so I may float away. I will not look back at the trees.

Where can I hide in the trees I wonder, so he may never find again to remain with the abuse he enjoys doing to me.

For me I can never be free from him he will own me for ever and that is coming to be very true for he promised me, he promised me.

His words are full and as swift as a stream flowing in the picture.I can still see him standing next to me by a stream like that once before.

For me I can not hide because he would find me and chop the tree down for sheilding me from him.

So I will not hide and I will wait for his final doom to force me as promised to return to him or give him my pay check, home and interest to him forever. His orders and choice not my choice but his orders. I lost my free will to him. Now my life will be full submission to be a slave at his orders. He has won. My courts have given my life to him to own.

No tree for me to hide in as I will not want the tree be cut and hurt or to lose the beauty is has and be punished because of me.

I know what it means to be that tree as I am cut and hurt. So please leave it be Rabbi leave it be and if you can please, please free me, free me.

Freedom Poem

Copper said...

we should all find beauty in this world as you do Vicki. Thanks for posting all your great photo's with us. The last one with those flowers were amazing!! I miss you so much...
Esther Huff